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By placing a Sitemap-formatted file on your webserver, you enable the search engine crawlers
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11 May 2013

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Search engines index pages through crawlers. These crawlers are able to find the pages in your site if there is a properly formatted sitemap available. The crawlers then will be able to find all the pages and index them and keep updating them as updates happen to the pages. Thus creating an appropriate sitemap is vital to getting search engine rankings and the consequent traffic to your site.

You want to get listed high enough in the search engine results to be able to draw traffic to your site; be it an ecommerce site or a blog that has been monetized etc. Search engines send out crawlers to find the pages in your site and note the updates that have happened. The more effectively this is done, higher the rankings possible. Crawlers can find all your pages of a site when there is an appropriately formatted sitemap on the web-server that you are using. This way you enable the search engine crawlers to find out what pages are present, which have recently changed, and to crawl your site properly. Sitemaps are an easy way for you to help improve your coverage in search engine indexes. Sitemaps are a big help for the visitors too who look at it to find what they need rather than look for a link that leads them to the information.

Coffeecup Sitemapper creates site maps very easily in XML and HTML, It’ll have all the pages listed and linked appropriately. To make it easy for the Google, Yahoo, ASK and Bing search engines, the software uses a similar crawler to ensure the site map is correctly formatted. When done, you can fine tune it further by editing the map. Priority and the frequency of changes can be set by the user. Upload to your site function and submission to search engines are built-in. This is a simple tool but for a vital function.

Publisher's description

Sitemaps are a great SEO tool. They give you a way to stand up and say, "Hey, search engines! Over here! Check out my site." And sitemaps are also a great usability tool. They give your visitors a secondary navigation option, not to mention a peek at how your website is structured.
Yep, sitemaps form a near-perfect intersection of SEO and usability. Unfortunately, they're pretty tedious to put together.. unless you're using CoffeeCup Sitemapper to automatically generate them.
Sitemapper makes it incredibly easy to create XML and HTML sitemaps. Just enter your website URL, click a button, and then sit back while Sitemapper takes care of all the rest. It's powered by a similar spider as the ones used by the popular search engines Google, Yandex, and Bing to crawl your website. Not only does it compile a comprehensive sitemap, it also gives you an idea of the "crawlability" of your site.
CoffeeCup Sitemapper is more then just a simple sitemap generator. When Sitemapper is done scanning your website, you can customize the results to fit your specific needs. Set priority and change frequency for your pages and delete certain pages you may not want to include. Sitemapper also gives you control over your HTML sitemap's appearance, letting you choose from different layouts, adjust page and link colors, and more.
Sitemapper contains all the tools you need to create and manage effective sitemaps. Take uploading, for instance. There's no need to open a separate program; just click a button, your sitemap is published. Submitting it to search engines is just as easy. We've included built-in links to the major search engines, so all you have to do is click your mouse, and you're on the way to better search engine visibility and more happy customers.
The Theme Designer is made up of a few different components that allow you to control how your sitemap will look. Select your layout, pick a theme and then start customizing. It is that easy!
CoffeeCup SiteMapper
CoffeeCup SiteMapper
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